Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 1. Supportive team

Let’s deindividualise the learning process! Organising team projects in and after class increases the potential of each member of the group as students can learn from each other and build on their peers’ strengths. Remember that children do not have to learn solely from the teacher. They can learn from one another in pairs, groups of three, small teams, etc.

Project teams should be small to enable authentic listening and fruitful discussions, opinion sharing, support and appreciation of what each member of the team contributes.

Team work also requires a rearrangement of the classroom and makes it possible for the teacher to change focus and monitor the works of each team by approaching them from time to time. Team projects also require that students share their respective results with the rest of the class. This trains them in presentation skills and public speaking. In the case of longer, more complex projects, new technologies become extremely useful.

IMPORTANT! Remember that the whole school community is also a team! This includes the principal, teachers and other staff, students and parents.