Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 1. Stimulating learning environment

Since the very beginning of humankind, people have learned in a variety of situations. Most of the time in the past, there were no schools in the form of physical buildings with rooms in which schooling would be organised by teachers for a group of students. Learning would take place on an ongoing basis, in the place in which the learner was at a given moment. There were no limits to the learning space.

So, in theory, we can learn anywhere. The question is whether the result will be the same regardless of the place in which learning takes place.


To make something special we need to create an appropriate atmosphere. You probably heard stories about researchers, inventors or innovators whose brilliant ideas were not born in any office or laboratory, but in remote places that served for seeking inspiration or better working conditions. We should look at the school in a similar way. Do we need a classroom in order to learn? Maybe we can replace it with a different place from time to time? Or maybe we can divide it, rearrange it, make it more open? We are not trying to convince you that the school walls need to be demolished. But we should think about the ways in which the spaces we have can be made richer, more effective and more stimulating.