Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 4. School in a context

Each place has its own context, its own history: people and events that contributed to its current state. Opening up to history has to be both wise and brave. It is worth looking for historical tropes and analyse them in depth together with the students. In this way, we can get to know ourselves and take responsibility for the future.

It seems impossible to create anything more atrocious than a concentration camp. And yet it is possible. In 1941-1945 there was a concentration camp for children in Łódź. One of our schools commemorates its prisoners by taking the name “The School of the Child Heroes of Łódź”. How to talk about our patrons? How to talk about the darkest moments of our history? Read the story WHAT HAPPENED TO EMPATHY

Each region has its own legends, stories, people with interesting biographies. Let’s play detective! Make use of some interesting trivia about your place and community and encourage children to learn about local history and traditions. How to use such an activity at school? How to introduce social research methodology in a fun way? Read about the school that decided to get to know local history! – AN ETHNOGRAPHICAL PROJECT



Your school probably has a patron. Think of an unconventional way in which you can celebrate this. Discuss your ideas with the students and develop a joint project.