Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 4. Community building

Is your school’s relationship with the parents limited to cyclic meetings? Does your school suffer from the lack of parental engagement? This can change!

Parents have a great potential. They can help us join forces in teaching and educating young people. On the one hand, actively engaged parents know more about the progress their children make and react better when problems arise. On the other hand, they feel important and needed.

Read PARENTS AS SCHOOL PARTNERS about the ways in which one of the schools coped with low rates of parental engagement.


The world is changing fast and the knowledge we acquire becomes outdated very quickly. Senior citizens are no longer considered founts of knowledge. Nowadays, older people learn from the young (e.g. about the use of modern technology and adapting to changes). Nevertheless, we do not have natural spaces of inter-generation contacts, which makes young people largely unaware of what seniors’ life is about and the other way around. There are many stereotypes on both sides.

Introducing voluntary actions for senior citizens is always a good idea for schools. Remember, though, that such undertakings require proper preparation. These two demographic groups are not used to working together.
Older people may feel uncomfortable around children. For this reason, adequate support is needed on the part of the teachers and the management. Teachers should assist senior citizens at the beginning.

How to engage older generations in school life? How to make use of their educational potential? Read about it! – SENIOR CITIZENS! COME BACK TO SCHOOL!



How to involve parents in educational activities? Write your ideas down. Do parents get invited to participate in lessons, e.g. to tell children about their work? Are they both organising and participating in school excursions? Does the school organise sports events that involve students, parents and teachers alike? How do you show parents your appreciation? How do you thank them for their engagement?