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Module 4. The influence barometer

What and how children learn is highly dependent on the teacher and his/her attitude toward each student and the class as a whole, as well as the techniques and strategies he/she uses at work. John Hattie, the author of the book “Visible Learning for Teachers”, asks teachers to get to know the influence they have on the learning process.

Based on 900 meta-analyses of educational studies (conducted on 240 million students!), Hattie created the so-called influence barometer that shows the impact of various factors on learning. This includes the ways of working with children and ‘other forms of intervention’. If appears that apart from internal factors (such as innate capability, attitude or previous experience) and home conditions (social status, parents’ aspirations), the factors that influence students’ results the most are: teachers (their expectations, belief in their students, the atmosphere in class, openness to new situations), the school (atmosphere and peers), and teaching methods and programmes.




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