Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 3. Maintaining the network

Do you know what silently kills the school’s educational technology? Extension cords!
Schools and classrooms were not originally designed to fit a few dozen IT devices in simultaneous use! If we want to use online resources effectively, our devices will need power! How to tackle this problem?

Read more about the power issue in POWER IS A MUST.


In schools with a well-organised technological space a few hundred devices can easily connect with the network at the same time. But somebody has to take care of the process. An IT administrator should be hired.

More information on this issue can be found in SCHOOL NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR.


REMEMBER! In the network implementation process, IT administrator's work should be supported by the school management. The principal should understand how important the role of the administrator is for the whole school community. At the very beginning of the process, it is good to select technologically apt teachers from the staff to act as mediators between the rest of the teachers and the IT administrator.


We will never get effective at using new technology in school if we do not ensure uninterrupted power supply first. Does your school have uninterrupted power supply? Is there a sufficient number of sockets in all rooms and corridors?

Maybe you should promote changing the habits of electronic device use? How to use power continuously and save energy at the same time? Ask students! It’s a great subject to be raised in class as a part of teaching ecological awareness.