Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 3. Organising online education

Schools are usually equipped in lots of outdated computer devices. Complex operations cannot be performed on some of them. Nevertheless, they can serve for browsing the Internet for information. PCs can be placed on school corridors for free use during breaks.


How were outdated computers used in one of the Poznań schools? Read SECOND LIFE OF OUTDATED COMPUTERS.


Free access to educational resources by both students and teachers from any place in school is extremely important for the development of online educational spaces. Schools can make use of numerous resources available from virtual educational platforms. They enable downloading and uploading materials that can be later used for learning. There is a number of solutions that can be used in parallel.


Download E-EDUCATIONAL PLATFORM an learn more.


IMPORTANT! If you want to improve the organisation of learning online, look for the simplest and the most functional solutions. Maybe a virtual hard drive in the cloud is sufficient if you want to ensure document circulation only? If you need an online teaching system look at the tools that are already available for free.



Map your school’s resources. Do you have outdated hardware that might serve students or teachers in some way? Is it possible to organise small working stations on your school corridors?