Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 3. Learning can be more appealing

The school’s educational space should go beyond the school building and make it possible to use educational resources at home. Tablets serve this purpose very well. It is worth training parents in mobile technology. In this way, they will assist teachers in educating children from home. How to convince parents that tablets are not just toys?

How did one of our schools make it? Read about it in WORKING WITH THE PARENTS.


When discovering the world outside the school premises, tablets and smartphones prove to be very useful devices. It is worth remembering that multimedia presentations and films should not replace real-life experiments that can be easily organised by the teacher or students. They can, however, help observe the world and document this experience. In this way, we can build a new, endless virtual space for education that would be impossible to construct without the use of mobile devices.


How can mobile devices trigger student creativity? You can find some inspirations in TOOLS FOR OBSERVIND AND DOCUMENTINS THE WORLD.


Not every school can afford to buy mobile devices for educational purposes. It is therefore worth asking students to bring their personal devices to class and organise lessons accordingly on a chosen day. This will definitely expand the school’s educational space.

How to put it into practice? Read about it in WELCOME TOTHE LEARNING PROCESS.



Thins about the ways an rationale for using mobile devices in teaching. Write your ideas down.

Organise a series of meetings with parents to show them what the uses of mobile devices are and how these devices support their children’s development. It is a good idea to organise a joint student-parent meeting at first so that the parents can see how enthusiastic and motivated their children are when learning via mobile devices. Parents should get familiar with all the applications used in class.