Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 3. Effective use of educational technologies

With virtual spaces, we can make use of a lot more educational tools than in traditional classrooms. The social media are a good example. They make it possible to implement a variety of projects within the limits of the core curriculum. Edmodo or Facebook can be used, for instance, to foster student-student cooperation and teamwork.

How to achieve it? Learn about it in SOCIAL MEDIA AND LEARNING.


We should try to constantly develop our competence and improve our digital tool use. This can be facilitated by organising conferences and workshops during which teachers can share their experiences, come into contact with new technological solutions and acquire new knowledge on the subject.

You can read about the National School Network Administrators’ Conference in TRAINING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN SCHOOLS.



Do the teachers in your school support one another and share experiences in the use of virtual and technological solutions? If not, how can you initiate such a process? Maybe you could launch a group on Facebook? Use a Google Drive? Regular meetings?