Educational Spaces 21. Open up!
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Module 3. Education

This is the third and the most obvious element. Everything we do, all the infrastructure we introduce, together with educational services are there to perform the school’s educational agenda. For this reason, it is extremely important that we remember about the supporting role of technology. School equipment should be in place to enhance educational processes. The idea should always be in the foreground. What do we want to do? How to achieve it? Never the other way around. The worts scenario is having technology and wondering how to make use of it…


We should also emphasise cooperation with parents and with the local community. Our school can provide services, organise workshops, educational projects and other event by engaging parents or the local community. It can open an Internet course for senior citizens and ask students to be the digital guides.


Education is also about training and individual teacher development. The competences of the teachers’ board are very important for the process of technology implementation. Even the best implementation plan has no chance of success without the support of the teachers’ board. The adequate level of digital competence can also be achieved via informal teacher cooperation networks. Sharing knowledge and experience, learning from one another – these are extremely important skills these days.