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Module 3. Management

This pillar makes it possible to use technology in administrative processes, which includes computerisation at the level of human resources, accounting and secretary’s office, as well as stable functioning of such areas as the teacher’s notebook and the student record.


Proper in-school communication is crucial here. It should be organised in a way that allows all employees to access their professional e-mail accounts, documentation, rules and regulations, psychologist opinions, etc. Integrated data of this kind should be connected to the calendar and digital notes. In this way, organising official meetings is reduced to a mere click of the mouse or a tap on the tablet. The date of the meeting can be quickly introduced in the calendar and electronic documents can be attached to the message.


Reliable access to the school technology by all teachers is a sine qua non condition of effective school management. Teachers should have appropriate devices at their disposal (laptops, tablets) in order to quickly receive and send e-mails, access educational materials, etc.